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  • Replacing an existing curtain where the mounting hardware is already present.
  • Mounting hardware is not necessary (input 0 on next screen).
  • A different amount of hardware necessary than otherwise computed from your door width.
Important Installation Note: When installing the 8" strip doors with a 50% overlap, the first layer should be hung on the mounting hardware with 4" spaces between them so that when the second layer is hung those 8" pieces will overlap the two strips they cover by 2" each resulting in a 50% overlap. For the 12" strips leave a 4" gap between strips in the first layer for a 66% overlap. For the 16" strips leave an 8" gap for a 50% overlap.

Recommendation for selecting the proper strip size: Doors over 8 ft high should be made with 12" wide strip. If not the strips tend to curl on the bottom. Doors over 14 ft high should be made with 16" strip. Smooth should be selected for the easiest pass through; ribbed for more friction to prevent separation in windy areas. Bronze should be selected for work areas involving welding and grinding operations. Lo-Temp should be chosen for outdoor exposure in northern climates where extreme cold temperatures prevail in winter.

Recommendation for selecting proper Temp Range Strip: For freezer door, outside mounts in colder northern winter climates and indoor mounts that are exposed to outside elements in extreme arctic conditions specify the 8" Clear Low Temp (up to 8' tall) or 12" Clear Low Temp (over 8' tall) for best cold weather performance.

THOR’s quality vinyl-strip-doors will allow you to create a protected, screened in area for any number of applications. Use our vinyl-strip-doors for use when creating a screened in area for car storage, clean and debris contained working area, vinyl garage doors, vinyl patio doors, vinyl French doors, vinyl screen doors, vinyl windows and doors, vinyl sliding doors, vinyl folding doors, vinyl sliding glass doors, vinyl storm doors, and many more! Get yours today by using our Custom Tarp Configurator located above and make it a THOR Vinyl Tarp today so you don’t have to worry about your investment tomorrow!

Bracket Assembly Diagram

Bracket Assembly



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